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A quick look at our session

with this little angel

No, I am not going to smile

We begin with the end: the last image of the day. After about an hour shooting in three locations and passing several play structures - our time together was quickly coming to a close.

"I'm done smiling..." she declared, and the session was over.


"When are we going to be done?"  Those were the first words out of little miss Ava's mouth when we met for our session.




What would a good session be without a few quick shots with Mom?

Ava 2017 Gallery

Well, I am very excited to roll-out my new little corner of the world wide web!

Not only does it raise my level of technology up,  but represents a renewed commitment to John Ransom Photography.  I love what I do with clients & this is just going to enhance the interaction and communication with a broader audience and let you, my clients, know about what is new with me, the photography world in general and give you some inspiration along the way.

Thank you in advance for your time, and if you ever have any questions, suggestions, or comments - please let me know!